The Knitting Ministry meets every 2nd Sunday of the month from 11:30 – 12:30 am in the Fireside Room after Sunday morning worship.

Why is the Knitting Ministry different from a community knit-shop group?  The difference is that we believe the act of being intentional and inviting the Spirit to be an active participant in what we do makes the knitting in and of itself a “ministry”.  The key element in our knitting ministry is that we actually perform a blessing on each item we make before it is given away.  We then include a pre-printed card that includes a specific blessing and a note that this is from the Arlington Community Church Knitting Ministry.

As items are being knitted, the knitter casts on, stitches and binds in her (or his!) prayers for well being or healing.  Each hand made, creatively completed item is individually blessed by the circle of knitters. Often, we do not know who will receive our items.  In fact, when  shawls are made and blessed, we can only trust that they will find their way to those who are in need.  We know that the comfort we hope will occur is not in our hands.  But the act of providing a blessing helps us keep centered on the powerful role of the Spirit in and through these simple creations.




Significant numbers of shawls have been sent to the Veterans Medical Center in Menlo Park for the women in the PTSD project.  These women are in a short term residential program to help them deal with PTSD and usually sexual abuse.  Many are also struggling with drug or alcohol addictions as well.

The Mother Bear Project, headquartered in Minneapolis, has been a favorite for some of the group.  Bears are knitted for orphans in Africa and sent with a stitched-on heart and a prayer for comfort.  Most, if not all, of these children are living in abject poverty.  Most have lost both parents to AIDS.  The soft bear is often the only toy they can call their own.


Feel free to drop in and sit awhile with us.  And if you see someone knitting away during a worship service, just remember that all the prayers and lovely music and words of wisdom in the sanctuary will somehow find their way into the yarn, the needles and the final item.