Devotionals Links

Devotionals are a great way to start the day. To read bits of wisdom before going into the world can give us the tools we need to deal with difficult circumstances that might come our way. Here at ACC, there are several online daily devotionals that we enjoy and suggest you explore. Some are Christian, some are UCC, and some are spiritual thoughts that are more generically inter-faith. Explore them all and find one that gives you something useful to take into your world.

UCC devotionals:

Feed Your Spirit Daily – written by different UCC clergy

Feed Your Spirit Weekly – aimed for a group setting and are more Scripturally based.

Other Pastors and Congregations:

Valley Rise Up – written by Pastor Dave Grishaw-Jones of First Congregational Church of Santa Cruz.

Cordelia Knits – written by Cordelia Strandskov, the minister for family life at First Congregational Church of Santa Cruz

D365 – joint effort of the Congregational Life office of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Youth Ministries Office of the The Episcopal Church. While it is aimed primarily toward students, its thoughts are relevant to all ages, and comes with a great offering of worshipful music to enhance the experience.

Inward/Outward – based in The Church of the Saviour in Washington D.C. In signing up for their mailing list, you will recieve a simple thought, comprised of just a few sentences, each day.

Other Traditions and/or Spirituality:

Search for Breadcrumbs – written by a friend of Pastor Tony’s, Bryan Wright. He provides spiritual thoughts that are influenced by various traditions

You can also check out his “Breadcrumbs” Facebook page here:!/SearchForBreadcrumbs

Panhala – an archive of spiritually oriented poems combined with breathtaking photos of the natural world. You can send a blank email to to subscribe to their email list, or you can just spend some time browsing their archive. Click here for a sample.

On Being, is a weekly podcast on issues of faith from a variety of religions and perspectives.

If you have other suggestions for daily devotional websites, please email the office at We will visit the site and consider including it on our recommended list!