Welcome to Arlington Community Church United Church of Christ!  We are a community on a spiritual journey together, and we offer a place for souls, bodies, and minds to be nourished.

Work on Roof May 2015 (Half Res)

Arlington Community Church is in the process of renewing its long term commitment to the spiritual wellbeing and community along Arlington Ave. After a year of discernment and planning we are replacing our Social Hall roof and installing 22 kilowatts of photovoltaic solar panels. The new solar power installation is expected to materially reduce electric power consumption and cost to the church. Summarizing our process up to now, we believe this action is a wise and prudent use of resources provided by God’s Creation, in the shorthand of the Church, good stewardship.

That said, the next month on and around the church will be a bustle of activity as roofers, solar contractors, their employees and supply trucks will be moving in, out and around our property. Traffic, street parking and parking in the church parking lot will all be affected so we ask for your patience during this period of temporary inconvenience. Work is expected to begin Thursday April 30th and end Friday May 22nd. When complete the church campus will return to a new normal with a solar paneled roof.

Questions about the project can be directed to our Project Manager Bill Day at the church office. Of course you are also all welcome to visit the church Sunday where the project is often an item of discussion during worship and during the social hour after church.

On behalf of the Congregation,

Arlington Community Church – United Church of Christ

We welcome souls, and the bodies attached to them, to worship and pray (10 am, Sundays), and be with us on our journeys of faith formation; join us as we experience the Divine One through Creation, Creatures, and Creativity in our world and worship.


No matter who you are–what race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or mental or physical status—

or where you are on life’s journey, you are most welcome here.